An Artist’s Art-Inspired Home

An artist should be inspired wherever he goes, even when he is is his or her own home. Artist’s see everything and try to experience everything so that they can get inspiration from it for their paintings and sculptures. They also need to be motivated at all times for this inspiration to flow freely and for them to find their muse. Everything starts at home, which is why an artist’s home must be art inspired. A good place to start is with the floors.

Installing Bamboo Floors

Many people are looking for tips to follow when installing bamboo flooring. Some are even asking if they can do it themselves. With the popularity of bamboo flooring, there exists very little information about how to install these exotic hardwood floors. There are also very few instructions but one thing is for sure, installing bamboo flooring follows the same principle as those ordinary hardwood floors; however, there are some quirks that you may encounter along the way.

Steps To Follow

With the installation of any type of bamboo flooring, critical steps should be performed before actually installing them. These steps include:

  • acclimation
  • testing the moisture
  • proper preparation

003_1The lack of preparation is generally one of the main reasons why some people fail in installing bamboo flooring properly, and if the installation fails, the beautiful hardwood floor finishes of bamboo flooring become useless. In a nutshell, all types of subfloors must be flat while still allowing a 3/16″ tolerance over an 8-10 feet span.

Stapled Or Nailed

For stapled or nailed bamboo floors, it’s a good thing to use the direct fastening method as your preference. If you would search for a video about bamboo flooring installation, you will see that a lot of professional installers prefer using staples over common cleats. This is because they provide better capability of holding without any squeaks or sounds.

Floating Bamboo Floors

For floating bamboo floors, definitely, you have to use the floating floor method but not all bamboos can be installed with this method. Cross ply or wider engineered products should only be installed using the floating floor method.

Does It Need Glue?

To click or to glue – this is the usual question asked when bamboo flooring installation is being talked about. The advantage of bamboo floorings over tile and over concrete is that bamboo flooring are considered a snap or click lock floors, which means that lesser task is required. However, it must be remembered that click type of floorings should be avoided in areas with potential moisture or you will be looking at hardwood floor repair before you are done installing. There are also bamboo floaters that require the application of adhesive but this is only required in the boards groove.

Floating Floors

Bamboo floors that use the floating method need an expansion area that is similar to other types of bamboo. However, salespeople often confuse hardwood or bamboo with laminate flooring expansion. Keep this in mind – laminate manufacturing companies use the 5/16″ guide but with bamboos, you’ve got to allow as much expansion as possible because even though square rooms or small layouts need only 3/8″ expansion, you may need more expansion area if the installation flows into other areas that exceed 40 feet or even more. You should also not install or butt any floating bamboo floors against any fixed object like columns, fireplace hearths, and the like, because if you do, your floors will more likely be tented or buckled.

Installing bamboo flooring is not really that hard. However, it requires you to follow the installation steps carefully as well as some suggestions and tips you may see to make sure that your bamboo flooring would look really good.

Steps To Restoring Hardwood Floors

You may think that when your hardwood floor finish become scratched, worn, and dull, your only option is to call in an expert in restoring hardwood floors. What you don’t know is that there is a simpler and cheaper approach, well within the capabilities and skills of a do-it-yourselfer like you.

Do Your Preperation

For fast and easier process, make sure that you prepare all the things you need. These are:

  • Plastic Drop Cloths
  • Angled Sash Brush
  • 100-grit Abrasive Screens
  • Soft Cloths
  • Box Fan
  • Soft-bristle Push Broom
  • Finish for regular or exotic hardwood floors
  • Vacuum with Floor-brush and Wand Attachments
  • Varnish Brush
  • Floor Polisher
  • Abrasive Pad
  • Abrasive Discs for Sander
  • Fine Sandpaper
  • Dust Mask Or Respirator
  • Rubber Sanding Block
  • Random-orbit Electric Sander

Prepare the room and move all wall decorations and furniture to another room. You should also install a box fan within the window of the room and open the window for exhaust. The negative pressure from the exhaust keeps the dust from being blown outside the room. Don’t forget to screen any floor with carpet.


Using The Floor Polisher

00-refinishing-xAffix an abrasive pad on the floor polisher’s rubberized wheel and check if you are already comfortable with controlling the machine. You should also install a 100-grit abrasive screen on your floor polisher and proceed to sanding the floor. Do it in around repeatedly or in overlapping passes. Make sure that both ends of the room have been sanded.

Inspecting; Rinse And Repeat

Inspect the floor, vacuum it, sweep it, and inspect it again. Make sure all finish is dull. No wear patterns should be noticeable and all stains and scratches should be gone. Repeat the sanding process if needed. With your random-orbit electric sander, proceed to sanding the areas at the areas or portions where the polisher failed to touch. For areas that could not be reached, you can use a rubber sanding block with sanding sponge of fine sand paper when sanding hardwood floors. Remove all the dust, sweep, vacuum, and inspect it again. Make sure all dust is eliminated.

Use a soft cloth dampened with mineral spirits to the floor when wiping it down. Make sure to turn and shake out the cloth often. Turn off the box fan and vacuum for the last time, but this time using floor brush on larger areas and pointed wand in cracks.

Applying The Finish

Now, it’s time to apply the finish. Using a good angled sash brush and varnish brush, start applying the finishing coat. Work across the room following the flooring planks direction.

Restoring hardwood floors is not hard and tough even for a do-it-yourselfer like you. However, it’s better to just prevent your wood floor from being damaged to prevent the need for restoring hardwood floors. Even if it’s only restoration, you still need to spend some dollars, and it’s a better and more practical idea if your hardwood flooring will maintain its beauty and shine for a long time. The Internet offers a lot of tips about how you can care for your wood floor. Check them out

Shelving Options For Your Art Studio

Displays and workstations are the most important things an artist should have in his or her studio, and when it comes to great looking shelving that does a brilliant job, stainless steel wire shelving is the best. This option is so great because it not only gives you functionality, it also has style and many companies like Metro are offering unique design features. When you choose this kind of shelving you will have to find the best design that works for you, so here are the top options.

Going Curved

Light-Duty-Metal-Wire-Shelves-150-KG-Tier-HK-CS-2142-L-If you are looking for a smooth finish in your studio, the curved shelving is ideal. This will give you the best displays possible and is a unique, funky design. This is a great option if you have an urban atmosphere in your studio or home.

Shelving Are Also Used In The Health Industry

Another place where this stainless steel wire shelving makes a great choice is in the healthcare industry. The chrome covered ones are hygienic and ideal to be used in labs, and doctor’s offices. It will also work well in a dentist’s office and at health clinics.

More Space Means More Organized

The stainless steel does not always have to be raw looking. You can also get ones that are coated and these make a super edition where you need to have something easy to clean. The steel shelving systems that are offered, range in their design. While most shelving solutions offer straight shelving with casters or stationary feet, you can also get curved ones as mentioned above. You can also get units that combine shelves with larger openings, so that you can use it for bigger tools, sculptures, artwork or any other large object.

Where To Find These Types Of Shelves

With the huge number of options you have, you will be sure to find the one that suits your needs the best. You can look for this shelving in most places online, but if you find a manufacturer or special shelving unit company near where you live, then you might be able to find just what you are looking for. You can just place your order according to the number of units you need, even if it is in bulk.

When you decide to use this stainless steel wire shelving at home, you will find that it is easy to clean and maintain. It works perfectly for a studio and can create a more professional look where everything you store on the shelves being neat and organized. No matter what the reason, you can find the best wire shelving for you in no time and the best part is that this shelving with not rust or decay which is very important in the long run.

Taking Time To Relax As An Artist

An artist spends most of his time in his studio, creating masterpieces. These masterpieces takes time and a lot of work. At the end of each day, because you stand or sit in one position for long periods at a time, your body can take a lot of strain. Muscle and joint pain can be a big factor and you want to feel refreshed each morning so you can have the right motivation to get back to work. One way of relaxing this tension is to install a Whirlpool spa bathtub in your home.

Different Whirlpool Bathtubs To Choose From

When you are trying to decide which one of the Tertiary whirlpool bathtubs is right for you, the choice will be hard. There are so many different shapes, sizes, colors and prices. Prices are always a concern, but when you think about the benefits of a whirlpool in your home, the whirlpool will pay for itself in no time. Because there are so many to choose from, you will be able to design your bathroom any way you want. If you are looking for an outdoor whirlpool bath tub, you have so many sizes, shapes and colors as well.


Tertiary Whirlpool Bathtubs

The whirlpools have always been used as a way to heal the body. Many years ago, whirlpools where only found at spas or in hospitals. These types of whirlpools were a little outdated. Today, the whirlpools are elegant looking and can reach every inch of the body. The whirlpools were usually a big tub with the unit on the side to make the water into a whirlpool. Today, the whirlpool bath tub has jets on both sides to benefit the body more.

They are not anything like what you saw in locker rooms or therapy rooms at clinics and hospitals. The world changed and so did the need for whirlpools and have increased in popularity over time. The whirlpool bathtubs are not just for athletes or those in physical therapy. The whirlpool bathtub are found in homes all over, whether it is in your bathroom or backyard. They are a way for anyone to relax and enjoy the benefits of a pulsating water treatment, called Hydrotherapy.

The New Tertiary Whirlpool Bathtubs

With the new way the whirlpool bathtubs are designed today, it is possible for everyone to enjoy a relaxing time to soothe the muscles and the body. Like mentioned above, your body takes a lot of strain when it comes to working in your studio. You need to keep you body healthy and relaxed so that your muscles have some time to rest from a hard day’s work.

Easy Installation

If you have a bathtub in your bathroom now, you can find a whirlpool that will fit in the same area. This means that you can enjoy the benefits from the whirlpool designs without worrying about space or remodeling your whole bathroom. You have many manufacturers to choose from when you look for the new whirlpool bath tubs and all you need is one in the home and everyone will want to enjoy a bath instead of a shower.

Before you buy any whirlpool for your home, check the many different models available. Tertiary whirlpools and other manufactures models will make a bathroom into a spa. The prices are different for every style and shape, but you can find one that fits your budget if you compare and read reviews of the different models. Once you decide, you will not be able to wait to get the whirlpool bath tub installed so you can begin using it for the first time.

Heat Up Your Studio With Floor Heating

A floor heating system is great for an art studio as you might spend most of your hours there daily. In the cold seasons, it can become very unpleasant being in your art studio as you might not even feel your fingers to hold the paint brush. But, all that can be fixed when you bring in the heat. I for one, rely on my floor heating as it makes my studio the cosiest part of the house.

About Radiant Floor Heating

Thanks to radiant floor heat, the days of stepping onto cold tiles are over. The mat is plastic and it is made of a heat-resistant polyethylene that contains resistance wire that are looped. The wires carry an electric charge and it transfers heat to anything that comes into contact with it. The cost of the installation depends on your quote and also the region you live. If you live in a cold region you might find it more expensive than those living in warmer regions. Once the heating system is activated, the floor starts to heat up and soon the whole room will be nice and warm. This is what a radiant floor heating system is all about.


Floor Heating Vs Electric Blanket

There are many that will be able to compare this type of floor heating to an electric blanket, and since it is not safe to sleep under the electric blanket while it is on, does the same apply to radiant floor heating? Electric blankets emit EMF (electromagnetic fields). Anything that runs on electricity emits EMF, clock radio, microwave oven, floor lamp, hair dryers and yes, so does a radiant floor heating system. Let’s find out a bit more about EMF before we conclude if you can get cancer from floor heating.

Alternating current creates electric and magnetic fields. This is known as EMF. Electricity moves through wires, because an electric field is directly proportional to-the voltage and a magnetic field is directly proportional to-the current. An EMF is emitted from the wires moving the current to a device and also from the device.

Is Floor Heating Safe?

There are things that you should look at before purchasing anything. There is a third party that does the testing of these floor heaters and the test is called REET or (Radiant-Electric-Emissions-Test). Beware that there are companies that run there own tests, but they do not use the REET procedure. There are many companies that test the EMF of their floor heating a few feet above the floor level. This is not where the feet make contact with the mat. The REET procedure is used to test 20 different points to make sure that it is “EMF-free” or “Zero EMF”. Keep in mind that there are companies that do not run the test, but claim it is free of electromagnetic fields. So, is floor heating safe? Yes and no. No if you do not see anything about the heating system being tested by the REET procedure, and yes if it was tested by REET.

As long as you do your homework and know what you are going for and what to look for before purchasing anything, you can be safe and not worry about emitted EMF. This is the most important thing to know before purchasing a radiant floor heating system. After you have your heating system installed, you can benefit from working in your art studio at a nice and cosy temperature.