Music in Your Studio: Go Wireless

Music in Your Studio: Go Wireless

So you’ve set up your studio and the only issue that confronts you is to set up your music in the studio. Life without music would be a mistake and you would want to make sure that as an artist when you get into your element, there is nothing to interrupt the flow of your creativity.

Let’s face it, installing an old school music system would interrupt your through process a lot. Right from volume adjustments to your favorite song being interrupted when you walk out of your studio, installing an old school music system can be a lot of headache. Keeping it clean and maintaining it itself would take up a lot of time. A better option is to purchase outdoor wireless speakers and work to your favorite songs with no interruptions whatsoever.

Boombotix RexWireless Bluetooth speakers like the Turtle Shell and Boombotix Rex boast of great sound quality and is ideal for anyone who likes to work to music for hours at a stretch. Artists often find their inspiration or muse from the music they listen to and this is exactly why studios all over the world do not function sans music. Most wireless Bluetooth speakers are available for inexpensive costs and have features that ensure a pleasant experience to the users:

  1. Portability: Wireless Bluetooth speakers are portable. So when you’ve moving around, you do not lose the perfect volume you’ve set.
  2. Efficiency: Most wireless Bluetooth speakers available in the market are energy efficient. They do not take up a lot of power and a full charge can last more than a full day.
  3. Connectivity: The good thing is that wireless Bluetooth speakers can be connected to your phone and you can also stream music on the internet.
  4. Keeping Your Music to Yourself: If you work in a studio with someone else, there is a chance of both of you not having the same taste of music. In such a situation a wireless Bluetooth speaker allows you to listen to your music without disturbing others around you. Similarly, you do not have to listen to songs you despise with a wireless Bluetooth speaker.

Purchasing the Right Speakers:

The options are plenty but if you look at the top outdoor speakers review websites, you would find in stores would be the Turtle Shell and the Boombotics Rex. You can compare these speakers online and get to the one that matches your requirement. Make sure that you go through a few outdoor speaker reviews before you make a final call. Various music forums and e-commerce websites give their users reviews on various products in the market. Read through these reviews to know about the experience people had with a certain kind of wireless Bluetooth speaker. Also make sure that you purchase the device from a trusted website in order to avoid being scammed.