Favorite Insect Painting of All-Time

My favorite insect painting of all time is “forty-one insects” which was created by Wenceslas Hollar in 1646.  The best part about this painting is that it is timeless.  Even though it’s in all black and white, the beautiful butterflies still look vibrant.  It’s significant because it displays various butterflies and the beautiful designs on their wings.  It also has many other insects such mosquitos, beetles and more.

Another thing that I really love about this painting is that it focuses on butterflies.  Butterflies are important to humans because they have fascinating life cycles.  We can use the various stages of life cycles to teach children about the world.  It is remarkable when you stop and think about the transformation that a butterfly goes through.  It stays inside of its cocoon until it is ready to transform into a breathtaking butterfly.  Having the ability to adapt to change is an important lesson to teach children.  Butterflies can teach children to embrace change because the outcome could be even better than what you have today. butterflywatching

Butterflies are aesthetically appealing and provide a lot of happiness.  There is something special about seeing a bright and beautiful butterfly when you are walking outside.  It would be unfortunate if butterflies go extinct and people are unable to enjoy their beauty.  They add a lot of color that creates beauty in the environment.

When you see a butterfly outside, it is an indicator of a healthy environment.  Scientists count the number of butterflies and moths in a region before they start learning about an ecosystem.  When there is a reduction in the number of butterflies and moths, scientists use the information to study habitat loss, fragmentation, and climate change.  They tend to be sensitive to change and can be a good indicator when something is going to go wrong in the future.

Butterfly watching is especially popular in Britain.  The citizens love to watch and record the butterflies and tourists come from all over to see some of the beauties.  Eco-tours are common in Europe where butterflies are popular.  They bring in thousands of dollars to Britain’s economy each year.  If butterflies were to ever go extinct, Britain would not make as much money off of eco-tours and tourism.

Unfortunately, the population of butterflies continues to decrease over time.  Four butterfly species went extinct within the past century.  An area that is of major concern for moths is in South Britain.  A stunning statistic is that there has been a 40% population decrease among moths over the past forty years (from 1968-2007).  People can use “Forty-one insects” as an inspiration for a better future.  We need to take care of the environment in order to save the butterflies.

“Forty-one insects” is picture-perfect painting because it displays a wide variety of butterflies.  The wide variety of designs on the wings is entertaining, detailed, and outstanding.  And despite the fact that this painting was created hundreds of years ago, it is still relevant to our everyday lives.  Look at it today compared to many modern prints and you see vary little difference.

“Forty-One Insects” will always be my favorite insect painting of all time.  The artist does an outstanding job at painting the small designs and details that are on the wings of a butterfly.  And the painting looks full of life even though it’s in black and white.  These types of paintings can help people understand and appreciate the importance of butterflies and insects in our environment and everyday lives.

Guide to the Best Art Museums in New York

Art museums are fascinating, however, in New York they are a must see attraction, where millions of people choose to visit every year. Art plays a vast factor in this vibrant city, which is why the museums ensure to offer something different. If you are unsure of where to begin searching for the best art museums in New York, research before you leave home.

delete3The Bronx Museum of the Arts is somewhere that you must visit whilst in the city as there is so much on offer. This twentieth century contemporary art museum is diverse and intriguing for everyone that decided to visit. The museum was founded to ensure that people were stimulated by art, and that through the different exhibits you are taken on a journey.  The Bronx Museum has something for everyone, whether it be Biblical paintings from the early 1500s to high end commercial powered art, powered by air compressor from 2014.

The Museum of Biblical Art is not for everyone; however, if you have an open mind and some time to spare, you may want to venture inside. Many artists have inspired by the Bible, which is how the fascinating exhibits and art displays have been formed. Whether you are Christian or Jewish, enjoy contemporary or renaissance art, there is something for everyone.

Museum of Modern Art in the city is a popular attraction and offers a rich supply of different exhibits throughout the year. There are phenomenal collections from artists such as Jackson Pollock, Vincent van Gogh and Claude Monet. Alongside the breathtaking artwork, you can enjoy a meal at the decadent restaurant inside the art museum.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is phenomenal as it houses over two million works of art under one roof. These pieces span a staggering 5000 years of culture, and ensure that you will leave feeling inspired and enriched. This museum also offers the best creativity from across the world and has some awe inspiring pieces on display.

The Whitney Museum of American Art has become a popular attraction and more people are visiting than ever before. This is the leading institution of American culture and art, and wants to ensure that everyone learns something about the history of American Art. There are many leading exhibits within the museum, and alongside the favorites, there are often visiting exhibitions throughout the year for you to enjoy.

New Museum is considered to be the premier museum for contemporary art and has been attracting visitors since 1977. This museum continues to question what art is, and how it has evolved over time, ensuring that you think about the different pieces on display. This museum shows that there is always far more to learn, and although we have some remarkable artists, there are always many more.

New York is an incredible city, and once you have visited you will want to return time and time again, ensuring that you can see many of the museums. Even art museums that you may not have considered previously may surprise you in the future. With so many exciting exhibits to enjoy, and a varied selection of artists and pieces of art, you will never tire of what New York has to offer.