Back Pain and the Artist

Time is changing and so are people and their lifestyle. Today everyone is so busy keeping a pace in personal as well as professional life that they tend to ignore their health. There are so many diseases that people suffer from and most of them occur due to the kind of lifestyle people are forced to live today. In earlier days, life was smoother and people didn’t have much tension about anything whether related to family or their career. Today stress and pains have become part and parcel of our present life.

Many artists suffer from back injuries. To clear things up “back-injuries” can be any pain or any kind of discomfort that you feel in the back. Back-injuries can either be permanent or on short term basis. Most people don’t understand the severity of the back pain until it becomes unavoidable and they have to consult their physician. Our back plays a very important role in supporting us and people who suffer from back pains find difficulty in getting up from a chair or from bed, bending, etc. It may also lead to insomnia due to severe pain.

As an artist we put ourselves in awkward positions for extended periods of time, to get that right shot.  Often when I am doing a drawing or painting of something in nature and I am on uneven ground and have very little back support.   Usually I could care less, because it takes getting to these positions to get the shots that I want.

This may include wrong postures while sitting on chair which increases pressure on back and thus, you suffer from back-pains. Mostly people who have jobs in the art field wherein they are standing or seated in an odd position will often have these issues eventually over time.  Other things include lifting sculptures, moving around paintings and just daily moving around.

This affects lower back when you lift loads in wrong way like lifting load without bending keens.

  • Slouching

This also affects lower as well as upper back especially for tall people, pregnant ladies.

  • Twisting or stretching your body

Sometimes while stretching you tend to go to extreme end where you hurt your back.

  • If your bed is too hard or too soft to sleep on
  • Obesity
  • Carrying heavy stuff on one shoulder

The above mentioned facts are some common causes for non-medical back pains.  The medical reasons for back pains are mentioned below which require specialist interventions:

  • Problem of spinal disc
  • Sciatica
  • Spinal stenosis
  • Osteoporosis
  • Lumbar spinal arthritis

Being an artist is not something that many people associate injuries with but they do occur.  Being in weird spots for hours at a time will often result in back pain.  The best advice for anyone who starts having these issues is to do some stretch, inversion therapy treatments, sauna treatment or anything that can loosen up their back.

If problems continue to occur we recommend seeing your physician.