How to Spray Paint Gold

Guide on how to spray paint your items gold

1)      Find the right spray paint- Before you start your start, you’ll have to find the best spray paint for your project.  This will differ for everyone; you might be looking for a gold that has a lot of sparkle/shine or a gold that comes with a pink undertone.

2)      Prepare your space- After you have picked the perfect spray paint, it is time to prepare your space.  If you are spray painting small objects such as knobs for kitchen cabinets, you’ll probably be able to complete the project inside.  But if you are spray painting large objects, you might want to go outside.  Spray painting can produce harmful fumes in your home.

3)      Read the instructions on the can- You should always read the instructions that are on the back of the spray paint bottle.  The manufacturer might also provide tips and tricks on how to properly use the spray paint and what you can use it on.

4)      Use safety precautions- You might want to wear protective eye wear and gloves when you are spray painting.  When you use protective eye wear, you don’t have to worry about paint getting in your eyes.  The gloves prevent the harmful paint chemicals and/or fumes from the paint from seeping into your skin.

5)      Spray away- Finally, it is time to spray paint your objects.  Try to use even strokes and avoid going over the same spot too many times.  You can spray paint one layer, wait for it to dry, and then spray paint a second coat.  Make sure you wait the appropriate amount of time for the spray paint to dry.

Ideas and extra tips on spray painting:

You can make all new accessories- One of the best uses for gold spray paint is for accessories, such as jewelry.  You can save a lot of money by purchasing accessories at thrift stores and transforming them into gorgeous gold jewelry.  Wearing a piece of shimmering gold jewelry will definitely make you stand out when you walk into a room.delete11

Door knobs and handles- An easy way to revamp a room’s décor is to spray paint a door knob gold.  Note- After you take off the door knobs and spray them with paint, you should wait at least 24 hours before you put them back on the doors.  This will give the doorknobs ample opportunity to dry before you put them back on.   If you can upgrade your door instead of replacing it, you can save at least one hundred dollars.

Light fixtures and lamps- You can easily transform your boring, brass light fixtures to gorgeous gold.  You also have the option of spray painting vintage lamps.

Furniture- Believe it or not, you can give your furniture a brand new look by spray painting it gold.  When you spray paint furniture, it is imperative to use a spray paint primer before you begin your project.  The benefit of using a primer is that it basically makes the paint stick to whatever it is that you are painting.

Gold is one of the most glamorous colors in the entire world.  You can spray paint accessories, doors, light fixtures and more if you want to add a little bit of shimmer to your life.  Spray painting object also gives you an opportunity to upgrade your objects and save a ton of money.

Cleaning Your Art Supplies

Every artist enjoy in creating things through the color. The fun of color is not limited to oneself. It takes various shapes to bring in the true form of the paintings. But the artist finds it difficult to maintain his tools and painting safe and clean for many reasons. The painting get damaged or destroyed due to the passing time.

After the work is completed, the tools and space around get messy and create a lot of time in cleaning your art supplies. There are number of products which help in the cleaning of artists tools and maintain the painting in good conditions. Painting restoration helps in the removing of the dirt accumulated on the surface of the art. These chemicals contain ammonia and other harsh smelling chemicals for cleaning your art supplies and remove the dirt of the art. It helps to restore the precious art in the original form without the damaging it. There are number of adhesive remover to make the changes in the art. Liquid adhesive are used to remove the extra color from the painting where it is not required. Tools of the artist are also required to be maintained for many years. It not properly cleaned leads to damage of the tools very soon. Various thinner and solvents are used to clean the brushes and other tools.

One thing that we highly recommend to anyone looking into a fast and effective way of cleaning their art supplies is to use a low powered power washer to clean up canvasses, brushes and other things in your art room.  A good idea is to pick a low PSI pressure washer as you don’t want to destroy your supplies with the water stream.

There are airbrush cleaners which remove the dry paint in the brush thoroughly and keep in the brush smooth and brittle. It is important to clean other areas too, this means  also includes the cleaning of the surrounding space like drawers, carpets, desk, and shelves from paint. It also takes a lot of time in cleaning these items after the completion of the painting. The dust and dirt can be removed from wiping through cloth, cotton dusters and other ways. If the artist is working on wood, it gives residue or dust particles which impure air surrounding them. It is also important to clean the air through air purifier which cleans the air surrounding and makes the air safe for breathing. Colors on hands can be removed sometimes through liquid soaps or solvents. Many oil or greasy paints ends with harming the hands or skin of the hands leaving a lot of pain to the user. The usage of gloves while painting helps the artist from such messy cleaning and side effects of the chemicals in the paints which harm the delicate skin of the artists.

If, like me, you always need your art supplies on the go you can use one of those awesome clear backpacks to carry everything in. I love displaying my art supplies but the clear plastic ensures that if there is a bit of paint left on my brushes, I can just easily wipe it off later. Depending on what paint you have, it also often just peels right off. Easy as pie!

Heat Up Your Studio With Floor Heating

A floor heating system is great for an art studio as you might spend most of your hours there daily. In the cold seasons, it can become very unpleasant being in your art studio as you might not even feel your fingers to hold the paint brush. But, all that can be fixed when you bring in the heat. I for one, rely on my floor heating as it makes my studio the cosiest part of the house.

About Radiant Floor Heating

Thanks to radiant floor heat, the days of stepping onto cold tiles are over. The mat is plastic and it is made of a heat-resistant polyethylene that contains resistance wire that are looped. The wires carry an electric charge and it transfers heat to anything that comes into contact with it. The cost of the installation depends on your quote and also the region you live. If you live in a cold region you might find it more expensive than those living in warmer regions. Once the heating system is activated, the floor starts to heat up and soon the whole room will be nice and warm. This is what a radiant floor heating system is all about.


Floor Heating Vs Electric Blanket

There are many that will be able to compare this type of floor heating to an electric blanket, and since it is not safe to sleep under the electric blanket while it is on, does the same apply to radiant floor heating? Electric blankets emit EMF (electromagnetic fields). Anything that runs on electricity emits EMF, clock radio, microwave oven, floor lamp, hair dryers and yes, so does a radiant floor heating system. Let’s find out a bit more about EMF before we conclude if you can get cancer from floor heating.

Alternating current creates electric and magnetic fields. This is known as EMF. Electricity moves through wires, because an electric field is directly proportional to-the voltage and a magnetic field is directly proportional to-the current. An EMF is emitted from the wires moving the current to a device and also from the device.

Is Floor Heating Safe?

There are things that you should look at before purchasing anything. There is a third party that does the testing of these floor heaters and the test is called REET or (Radiant-Electric-Emissions-Test). Beware that there are companies that run there own tests, but they do not use the REET procedure. There are many companies that test the EMF of their floor heating a few feet above the floor level. This is not where the feet make contact with the mat. The REET procedure is used to test 20 different points to make sure that it is “EMF-free” or “Zero EMF”. Keep in mind that there are companies that do not run the test, but claim it is free of electromagnetic fields. So, is floor heating safe? Yes and no. No if you do not see anything about the heating system being tested by the REET procedure, and yes if it was tested by REET.

As long as you do your homework and know what you are going for and what to look for before purchasing anything, you can be safe and not worry about emitted EMF. This is the most important thing to know before purchasing a radiant floor heating system. After you have your heating system installed, you can benefit from working in your art studio at a nice and cosy temperature.

An Artist’s Fire

As an artist, I often find myself looking for an inspiration. While I end up finding my muse with a little difficulty, I often lack the motivation required to get the job done.  My fire lights up from different sources on different days. All you need to do is to what lights your fire.

ShelleyWhat lights a fire?

Of course a spark! The spark lights a fire and the fire makes us move. When Shelley wrote the following lines he wanted to motivate and inspire people to reform and revolt. He knew they would not stir out of inactivity unless they were motivated. From the days of sailors with beat-up compasses to the present day of kids playing with the best laser range finders and trail cameras, artists have always found motivation in various ways.

Scatter, as from an unextinguished hearth
Ashes and sparks, my words among mankind!
Be through my lips to unawakened Earth….”

You would remember the saying “Money makes the mare go”. The message is quite clear. We are not ready to take any pains if we don’t foresee gain in better proportion to pain. The gain, which propels us into action, could be tangible or intangible. It could be a house for a housewife, promotion for an officer, grades for a student, recognition, appreciation or award for a performer.

An ambition cannot be forced. It cannot be an external factor. Since the desire to achieve your goal comes from within, the motivation should also be internal, for any external influence would be more of an inspiration and less of motivation. What my goals are and how I am going to achieve them all depends on what my motive is. A motive rises in our mind – our most precious asset. So we have to continuously hammer our minds to look forward to attaining the desired goal. Any action towards the fulfillment of that goal, the attainment of which is also the driving force, comes from self belief.

To keep our self belief soaring we have to exalt our self esteem. We need to watch out for the following symptoms proclaiming our low self esteem and in turn suffused motivation. Greed, selfishness, fierce competitive drive, jealousy symbolize insecurity, to be given to excessive eating, drinking, smoking, anger; procrastination, fear, haughtiness, lack of friends whom you can trust are all the signs of low self worth.

Our self worth or self image is the result of certain traits that had influenced us in our childhood. They are: our family lineage, family background, status in society; our education, degree; grades in school and in post school education; habits, behavior; looks, appearance; achievements; financial status; values and beliefs; membership of local or international prestigious organizations, and other’s opinions about us. We need to go into deep analyses of the above factors in connection with our childhood and try to repair any damage that has occurred to our self esteem. As a next step we will need to repair the damage that has been caused to the deepest spiritual layer to our unconscious. This motivation to raise our self image is the first step towards motivating ourselves to a larger goal.

It would call for separate detailed analyses to repair our self worth. Yet here are a few suggestions to start with:

  1. Create a self awareness.
  2. Join some course for further development.
  3. Learn to respect yourself. Reckon your strengths but forget your weaknesses. Everyone has weaknesses. So don’t feel guilty if you are found one at some point of your life.
  4. Associate with positive people only. Make friends with people who would point out your mistakes without making you feel inferior. Have a confidante.
  5. Be a good listener. Take other’s suggestions in good stride but only after analyzing them in your own context.
  6. Make your work interesting.
  7. Entertain and relax yourself periodically to rejuvenate yourself.
  8. Fix your priorities.
  9. Don’t fear changes.
  10. Trust in God.

The above cited steps are very easy to follow and do not require any formal training.

We must remember that new methods of motivation will not work till the demotivating factors are removed. Motivation comes from excitement and excitement comes from full commitment. So commit yourself to a goal. Remove the stumbling blocks. Widen the bottleneck and find a new motivated you.

Guide to the Best Art Museums in New York

Art museums are fascinating, however, in New York they are a must see attraction, where millions of people choose to visit every year. Art plays a vast factor in this vibrant city, which is why the museums ensure to offer something different. If you are unsure of where to begin searching for the best art museums in New York, research before you leave home.

delete3The Bronx Museum of the Arts is somewhere that you must visit whilst in the city as there is so much on offer. This twentieth century contemporary art museum is diverse and intriguing for everyone that decided to visit. The museum was founded to ensure that people were stimulated by art, and that through the different exhibits you are taken on a journey.  The Bronx Museum has something for everyone, whether it be Biblical paintings from the early 1500s to high end commercial powered art, powered by air compressor from 2014.

The Museum of Biblical Art is not for everyone; however, if you have an open mind and some time to spare, you may want to venture inside. Many artists have inspired by the Bible, which is how the fascinating exhibits and art displays have been formed. Whether you are Christian or Jewish, enjoy contemporary or renaissance art, there is something for everyone.

Museum of Modern Art in the city is a popular attraction and offers a rich supply of different exhibits throughout the year. There are phenomenal collections from artists such as Jackson Pollock, Vincent van Gogh and Claude Monet. Alongside the breathtaking artwork, you can enjoy a meal at the decadent restaurant inside the art museum.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is phenomenal as it houses over two million works of art under one roof. These pieces span a staggering 5000 years of culture, and ensure that you will leave feeling inspired and enriched. This museum also offers the best creativity from across the world and has some awe inspiring pieces on display.

The Whitney Museum of American Art has become a popular attraction and more people are visiting than ever before. This is the leading institution of American culture and art, and wants to ensure that everyone learns something about the history of American Art. There are many leading exhibits within the museum, and alongside the favorites, there are often visiting exhibitions throughout the year for you to enjoy.

New Museum is considered to be the premier museum for contemporary art and has been attracting visitors since 1977. This museum continues to question what art is, and how it has evolved over time, ensuring that you think about the different pieces on display. This museum shows that there is always far more to learn, and although we have some remarkable artists, there are always many more.

New York is an incredible city, and once you have visited you will want to return time and time again, ensuring that you can see many of the museums. Even art museums that you may not have considered previously may surprise you in the future. With so many exciting exhibits to enjoy, and a varied selection of artists and pieces of art, you will never tire of what New York has to offer.